MonsteR Systems which I just named them as shorter MonsteR because also there are many types of them I use, I use it sometimes to build pages or I use that system that idea to build my PPC campaigns or I use to generate some reports or even I use it to generate some java or php code sometimes.

So its such a complex combined system and yet professional to sell as a software but at least as a creator of it I know how to use it by myself right now. So I will make them system more like software and I may sell it to people product by product which I will need a programming team and bug time investment to do that.

That is why for now I will be able to show what type of things I can do with MonsteR and what type of power and advantages I can get from it.

But I can clearly say as a short description for MonsteR that;



MonsteR lets me create “very professional codes or pages or reports” in no time! with zero mistake and lets me update all these results/exports in no time back again! Also gives me a power to upgrade or edit on the core system easily which that gives me The Max flexibility for each business or every need!




I’m giving you an example for a business that I used that system on their websites and this is only one example that MonsteR can do.



MonsteR gives us the power of huge amount of time and labor process minimizing mistakes. This combined system can also control unlimited number of pages. This up-gradable system has been built to use the most established SEO rules and inputs to present day.

image shows 200mb data as posts that controls all by MonsteR


What is MonsteR for in this example?

MonsteR can be used for marketing results through SEO rankings to increase opportunities in sales leads. The more online exposure your site has online the more leads you will receive. We have the right keywords in place for this industry. Our keyword research is determined by volume and relevance. Example, “iPhone 6” is a device keyword and “Screen Replacement” is an industry keyword. This “iPhone 6 Screen Replacement” phrase generates leads for us.

How big is MonsteR?

MonsteR systems can go Unlimited lets say we make it work on product pages and there are products such as “iPhone 7 repair” and service types that are around 20 types such as “screen replacement, battery replacement and more” This research made for every single product and they are “29 apple products, 42 computers, 26 game consoles, 90 tablets and 607 smartphones which makes total 794 devices” based by their monthly search volume for minimum one thousand in US and their trending volume. If we want to learn how many pages and how much big opportunity, we are talking about is that formula which is “(Devices) times (Their Service Types) = (Total Page that MonsteR Generates and Controls)” For a Franchise Level location it makes around 15 thousand pages for each “Clients Business Locations”


How compatible is it with SEO Requirements?

I think I gave good enough information about the importance and how big is that project can create opportunity. We need talk some details for SEO and how a success Search Engine Optimization can give Good Rankings in a Search Engine which is the biggest one on Google! First things first! We need to be aware of this industry is a big challenging world that comes with some big pay backs! Google works with hundreds of hundreds different KNOWN and some SECRET rules and use these rules to qualify if that online data or that website worth to show Google Visitors. “MonsteR V2” currently built to supply at least for all these KNOWN SEO rules. MonsteR is an upgradable Perfect SEO built system that if there will be any possible new rules update changes made, it will get updated easily too! (I have even V4 right now, that was the article I have been written when I have V2 02/17/2018)


What IS this system builtin with?

I need to make a list to better satisfy this question!

Devices to Repair. Tidy and well researched unlimited product pages with their service types such as; iPhone 6 Screen Repair.


Professional Repair Page Order System. Finishing the Sale Focused Repair Page orders. Such as; First iPhone Screen Replacement and second product page is Battery Replacement and goes on by the customer needs for 15 thousand repair page at all correct order to increase Customer of this Industry Mapping.

Customer Visual Performance. Badge systems on any product image pages to improve understanding and a smooth Customer Experience to show which repair is for what! Such as; Broken Screen Image to describe a screen Replacement Page or a dead Battery badge to describe Batter Replacement Page on every single Device Picture.

Easy Price Control. Unique Price Section for each location and each Repair Service separated can get controllable over online inputs thru Google Drive API code services for a faster update experience for Developer and Price Supplier.

Big and Unique Image Gallery. Improved Product Images section for each Franchise Locations generated by the location name unique as possible to get best SEO results and speaking of a Sample Franchise Location is total “(794 Device) times (Their Service Types) = (Total 15 Thousand Linked Image)” and that makes 794 Unique Images submitted to google. So, total around 32 thousand Product Images submitted by the MonsteR System. Such as; iPhone 7 repair Fort Lauderdale image, iPhone 6 repair Fort Lauderdale image for each location named by their location name to get best Local Authority Power as much as possible.

Gigantic Structure with Zero Mistakes. Professional Structure Build to get Best Visitor Experience and Industry standards. Such as; Repair is Main Shop Name after iPhone Repair comes after iPhone 7 comes and after there will be iPhone 7 Repair Type pages total 20 of them under this category got published. And this Structure made for Every Single Device for each Franchise Location uniquely separated from each other to improve SEO Quality as much as more. This gigantic structure has 15 thousand repair page under 794 categories all tidy and at correct spots with zero mistakes made for each location website and total 600 thousand repair page under 31760 categories all at correct spots.

Compatible Links with Search Engines. All These repair pages got correct links to increase Combability with Search Engines with any broken letter or grammar mistake made for each 15 thousand page for every websites.

Keyword, Repair Type and Location Name inserted Unique Titles. Every single MonsteR Made thousands of pages got their very own Unique Page Titles to get indexed for Google Search Engines. Such as; iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Fort Lauderdale.

Keyword, Repair Type, Location Name, Store Phone Number and Call to Action inserted Unique Meta Descriptions. Every single MonsteR Made thousands of pages got their very own Unique Page Descriptions to get appeared with these Intelligently Pick Descriptions on Google Search Results list.

Special Unique Google Submit Data. Every single MonsteR Page has its very own made by the Device Model, Repair Type, Price, Detailed Location address repair service get done, unique repair Image, Website Page Location and most importantly local review data inserted for total 20 different variation used. That’s fully coded hidden Google Schema Built Code System to improve Search Results visibility. These pages all made with zero mistakes for each Franchise Location Level Website 15 thousand pages separately.

We can Track Phone Number, Address, Review Clicks and Many Other Clicks. MonsteR generates Google Analytics Conversation Goals as percentages and numbers of How many visitor did click on store phone numbers, wanted to visit address thru google map, any clicks to leave or see reviews on social media such as Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews, How many visitor wanted to go cell phone repair page or wanted to return Main Category such as iPhone Repair or wanted to return Model Category such as iPhone 6 Repair and also our specific chosen traffic targeted page such as iPhone 6 Screen replacement. All these inputs easily can see on each Franchise Store’s Google Analytics account instantly online.

Perfect Page Structure with Titles. Every single MonsteR Repair Pages have their own Title Structure that’s a very important SEO rule to get good results. These pages have H1, H2,H3 and H4 Size Title Tags with correct order and written for each page to get Focused Traffic with the page keyword. Such as; iPhone 7 Screen Replacement with grade A+ parts and 90 Days Warranty!

The last Technology Intelligent Coding. According to Google and some other Major Search Engines they require from websites to get developed with the latest coding system with correct coding system. MonsteR serves zero mistake coding system on every single page. These specific coding system is a big help on a good SEO job. These codes make a page tidy, more understandable for visitors and also search engine bots too. We have these all codes on our Repair Pages created one by one for 15 thousand for each Website.

We all like Tidy Description Tables, so Goggle Does; MonsteR has an intelligent built-in system to generate Table sections! These tables have images about their very own Categories and focused on to send traffic the very specific chosen pages to improve lead quality and increase traffic on them. Every single Product pages have their 3 section images and descriptions tables.

Built-In Internal Link Juices with Keyword and Page Focused; Links are the roads, they are the way visitors access the pages and the way Search Bots such as Google finds the pages. A perfect Linking system which we call Link Juice is in a pyramid shape structure that the very bottom page is linked the middle one and the middle page connects the bottom and the top one. And we develop for 15 thousand pages for each Franchise Level location website one by one with each page has 4 internal link juice correct amount of balanced with the content size of each pages. These links are one to generate very big targeted keyword according to our goal is “cell phone repair” for each location created unique links separately, second one is; very specific chosen to improve overall traffic and lead quality according to our industry we work for “iPhone screen repair”. The last two others are the links connects a repair page with its very own device repair such as “iPhone Repair” and other one is “iPhone 6 Repair” each page has its very own brand and device internal link juice created. Another example is for iPhone repair pages they are iPhone links, if it’s a Samsung tablet repair page then the links are about “Samsung Tablet Repair” and that Samsung tablet model such as “Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Repair

We are aware of Social Media Power! Every single website has their very own Social Media accounts such as Google Plus and Google Map, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Facebook etc. These social media accounts using by the MonsteR System from every single thousands of Repair Pages with every specific Location Name and the Device model. In that way, every single website will have their own Social Media Backlinks built to improve their Local SEO and overall rankings.

Videos are the best Attention! It is very important to have a video on a page, according to results we are having and the other IT Research Companies. The latest technology internet speed increases online video streaming performance and Visitors or Potential Customers will stay or at least will click on these Sale targeted interesting and nice videos that I supplie for every single Franchise Location. These videos are hosted on very own YouTube channel to increase Social Media power for each store and increasing a Customer Visual performance to generates some potential lead opportunity for our Stores.

Content Drives a Website/Business! Competition is kind of a term that never stops and we know that. We are well prepared and keep analyzing this Online Challenge every day. Content is the biggest secret of a success Website and a Business and we use The Biggest 3rd Party Content Analyze companies to get best results on our contents. We do keep our Keyword Research Well Updated for each of websites and get these contents done. It’s very important to work intelligent to be able to get some advantage from this opportunity.

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