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hard work has a future payoff; laziness pays off now

I love what I do in every aspect and my work reflects that. I have been experienced in many work fields. I have my unique way of working which I owe my success! I live a lifestyle that I am happy and proud of it.

work hard in silence let your success be the noise

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“your time is limited don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Steve Jobs​

success is like a simple lunch has only two ingredients

“great research & development” and “repeated perfect hard work”

Kenan EROL


success is like a simple lunch has only two ingredients

“great research & development” and “repeated perfect hard work”

Kenan EROL

A Simple Investment

I have created a platform a system an interface that I named it as MonsteR. It has no limit and allows me to be able to work on any project more than a person can handle. It is an investment! Investing time of a labor to be able to produce more labor.

Artificial Intelligence

We, humans, make mistakes, we feel tired, we can be sick or we ignore things sometimes. But MonsteR has it’s very own “Artificial Intelligence” that doesn’t allow any mistake, never get tired of unlimited of projects, he never got stopped working.
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MonsteR Unlimited

MonsteR gives me the power of a Team, that is why I produce a success of a Team barely can handle. Can you say 10 Employee won’t make any single mistake? and Will they be able to work 7/24 nonstop? or How easily you can train them something new? I can do all these with MonsteR easily!

Benefit = (Pros + Cons) x Pros

I’m kinda perfectionist in my ways. I know if moments or things require not to be in perfect tidy… I also know if they need to be perfectly symmetrical. I still learn to control it and the meantime I take advantage of my perfectionist vision for my business benefits. That is how I found the formula for my life & success part!

You may think I created a system so I don’t want to work. Does it sound like that? Yes, it may! I don’t like to repeat things over and over same thing every day! Tell me over and over repeating what will I earn? If you need some professional website design services near you then website build and design agency is your place to go!  What is the difference than a painter paints walls every day! What is the difference an Art painter paints one and changes the Life! MonsteR get things done for me while I can make more Research and Development that is all idea!

“Our true mentor in life is science.”

– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


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“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?.”

– Mevlana Rumi


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